I've spent my entire life designing & building stuff. It started with blocks then Lego's, models and the likes. Always searching for something new, the next big challenge.
As a graphic artist since the age of 18. I was able to learn the traditional art of Graphics. Using ruling pens and ink to an X-ACTO knife and rubylith. I spent years as a reproduction artist in a film lab for assorted screen printing company's. Working my way up to managing 14 people who along with myself created the film separations for the screen printing process.
In 1987 I was introduced to an Apple Macintosh compute a flatbed scanner and the Linotronic L500 image-setter along with Illustrator 88. this equipment was put in my department with the goal of creating film separations from Computer files. Although we had a 6 month leeway to figure out the system, we were doing so in less than a month.
I’ve been using computers to design and produce ever since.
With the vast knowledge of design and production I’ve accumulated over the years. Staying ahead of the curve as an early adopter of the computer for designing has allowed me many opportunities in the field.
I’m currently using my ideas to create a new line of products produced using Laser cutting and engraving working toward full scale CNC routed work centers. Being driven by the need for a easy to set up and break down work surface. I have designed a system that is modular allowing the user to adapt the different parts to suit the needs. The scale prototypes that I have made have shown me that the system is versatile So now I’m ready to scale it up to a full size prototype to really be able to see what can be done.